About Us

   Folk group Lvivski muzyky were founded in January 1988 in the ancient city of Lion.
   With muse and love of Ukrainian songs in one piece gathered four musicians and vocalists, which previously worked in the famous groups - "Svitjaz", "Vatra", "Lviv" and "Recruit" - is Stanislav Chujenko, Ivan Mazur, Igor Kurach and Stephen Pyhytyak. The group was called "Lvivski Muzyky" and immediately recognized passionate fans.
   A first victory of the real fame came to the "Lvivski muzyky" at festivals "Red Rue" (1989) and "Golden Trembitas" (1996), where "Lvivski musyky" become winners and their song soared over the whole Ukraine and the whole world. As a result - tours to countries where live Ukrainians and not only, becouse, everybody like Ukrainian song. Come true goal, which set a boys - to promote the Ukrainian song and MELOS in whole world. And it happened. "Muzyky" went on all continents, they applauded the first in Yugoslavia, Germany, Canada, UK, America, Australia, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Slovakia and even Mazeyra island in the Atlantic Ocean. Often, guys performed at charity concerts and promotions for the orphans, children of Chernobyl and lack of full.
   The repertoire of "Lvivski musyky" more than 300 hundred songs, guys made everything to revive the forgotten folk songs, spiritual, gunners and UPA songs, lemko's, soromitski and songs by contemporary composers. In January of 2009 - group celebrated it's 20th anniversary of creativity. During this time, "Lvivski musyky" released 10 music albums and 8 videos. Band members changed over time and great contribution to band development than did the above-named, was Stephen Barabah, Yury Tsvetkov, and the late Stephen Pychytyak.
   Today, the "Lvivski Musyky" includes four musicians and vocalists:

Volodymyr Kovalchuk
akordion, keys, flute, vocals, musical director
Bogdan Zhovtulya/b>
violin, bubenky, guitar, vocals.
Taras Timoshenko
guitar, trumpet, keys, vocals.
Ivan Mazur
bass, bass guitar, vocal, artistic director of the group.

   Last 10 years the group working in close cooperation with a famous TV presenter and producer Igor Kobryn.
   "Lvivski Muzyky" continue their creative work and invite to cooperate.
   Additional photo printing materials, logos can be downloaded here